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This is an initial list of ideas:

1. Cardano Community Hub can run a profitable business project locally.
2. Launch the “Community Hub Token” on Cardano Blockchain
3. Submit ongoing proposals in each Catalyst round for further development of the Cardano Community Hub.
4. Start a Cardano Community Hub Stake pool.
5. Sell Cardano & Cardano Community Hub Merchandise (Tee shirts, hoodies, mugs etc.).
6. Charge Consultancy fees (Launching tokens, Setting up stake pools) to the general Cardano community.
7. Fees from matching Developers to employers (Like Upwork).Charge to feature developers/Available jobs.
8. Stage Cardano Community Hub Events and charge entrance fees.
9. Offer live Cardano Community Hub Training (Video, in person by our trainers).
10. Sell eBooks and educational documentation online.
11. Help other Cardano Community Hubs to setup and apply to Project Catalyst for a fee.


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