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In order to deliver our project we have studied all of the challenges from fund 2 to fund 8 to put together a complete overview of exactly what a Cardano Community Hub is and can deliver locally and internationally.

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB provides a multilingual platform, where Cardano enthusiasts can find all the tools and features needed to connect, learn, promote, and grow their Cardano initiatives locally, nationally and across the globe.

It is Multi-Lingual

Out of the world's approximately 7.8 billion inhabitants, 6.45 billion do not speak English as a first language.


A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB enables participants to access all information in their preferred language.

In addition, native language Hub pages will be indexed in google in order to extend the promotion of Cardano across world wide web searches.


It will build a Community

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB encourages people to build an on-line presence of their Cardano community initiatives so they can be showcased and referenced worldwide.

When participants establish their Cardano Hub, they become part of a truly global eco-system. A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB serves as an important springboard to launch their Cardano business or organization, reach out for support, promote, collaborate, and grow.

It will encourage ADA Adoption

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB’s multi-lingual international consolidation of Cardano initiatives and interests is a powerful force for spreading awareness and facilitating the adoption of ADA across the globe.

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB’s central aim is to illustrate the powerful capabilities emerging from the Cardano blockchain. By putting the wide range of Cardano project implementations on display, A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB encourages individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations to engage, learn, explore how adopting ADA can bring benefits and solutions.

It will encourage adoption in the Cardano Ecosystem

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB is place for experts in Cardano blockchain technology to demonstrate the fruits of their skills, highlighting their cutting-edge achievements when deploying the technical components of Cardano. This builds awareness and encourages engineers from around the world to explore and join the Cardano movement.

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB also offers a place for engineers to find resources for training in the foundations of Cardano blockchain such as Plutus, Marlowe, and Haskell.

In addition, A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB is a place business and organizations can source technical specialists and legal consultants needed to guide and support planning and implementing their Cardano smart-contract solution roadmaps.

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB is a place to inspire, guide and enable the Cardano Community to act as educators, brand ambassadors and growth accelerators.

It Motivates Cardano Networking

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB brings technicians, community leaders, entrepreneurs, crypto currency experts and novices together around Cardano to enable a central platform for Cardano business development.

It looks for ways to Monetize the Community Hub

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB encourages each Hub to pursue sustainable commercial activity through the promotion and sale of Cardano related products and services.

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB offer’s readily available Cardano blockchain transaction and payment solutions that can be implemented both on and off the site to generate revenue or increase their donation base.

It facilitates Governance of Cardano

A CARDANO COMMUNITY HUB offers templates, guides, and materials on creating and sustaining a new Cardano Community Hub.

It will be continuously monitored to safeguard the Cardano brand and ensure that it's used in favour of the project and its mission.


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