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This resources is in beta. The resource will look to receive more feedback from IOG and the community to make any corrections and improvements.


What is the 'proposing process' in Project Catalyst?

The Cardano Community has a treasury that is allocated to Project Catalyst to help fund projects that benefit the ecosystem and overall community of Cardano. Proposers with ideas can put forward proposals on Cardano Ideascale :https://cardano.ideascale.com/ to get funding for their projects if the community votes for their proposal.

Why should I propose in Project Catalyst?

If you have a great idea that would solve a problem outlined in a funding challenge then you should participate in the worlds largest DAO to get funding for your project. On the way you'll learn a lot about decentralization and the Cardano Community that is looking to support and engage in great projects.

Who can propose in Project Catalyst?

Anyone can submit a proposal to get funding. The proposing process is open and transparent. Proposals must be targeted to solve the problems outlined by a given funding challenge.

How do I propose in Project Catalyst?

After registration on Cardano Ideascale, you can submit proposals when a new funding round is opened which is currently every 12 weeks.

How do I write an effective proposal?

Effective proposals will need to address a specific challenge given for that funding round. Proposers need to cover a checklist of requirements to have their proposal be accepted for the voting governance process.

You can use the official proposal

guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oE_cnP0gksdAanXV4w5DYaDNp_tbYEvyHhTUG4HYZ3Q to learn about how to write an effective proposal. Proposals are reviewed by Community Advisors according to these standards :https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fn1CQHK_TNSaybQtnxvI9DZJ9PAufZelBEfOLWbp-gw/edit.

How can I increase my probability to get funded?

To increase your changes of being successfully funded proposers will want to interact with the community where possible to receive feedback that will help them improve their proposal. You can engage in dialogues about your proposal on the community Cardano Project Catalyst Discord:https://discord.com/invite/8HeBaUdm or get involved in community Swarm sessions:https://www.swarm4catalyst.com/.

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 Ideascale: http://cardano.ideascale.com/

 Ideascale Help Guide : https://intercom.help/ideascale/en/articles/682959-submit-an-idea

Proposers Chat :https://t.me/catalystproposers

 Community listhttps://projectcatalyst.org/community


This content is from (https://projectcatalyst.org/resources/proposer) and is included here so it can be translated.

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