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We have a core team of people that have worked together for many years, and we have hundreds of freelance contractors around the world who have worked for us over the last 10 years.

Our business is based around a flexible model where we can grow or shrink according to the workload and number of projects we are running at any particular time.

This Flexible business model suits our current era and allows us to offer employment opportunities around the world.

Your Opportunity

We are at very special time in history, where the way the financial systems and businesses are now being restructured with the digital industrial revolution.

The use of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency is bringing opportunity to everyone around the world, rich or poor, this is your opportunity to improve your life wherever you are in the world and whatever your resources.

We are ready to guide you to the information you need, which you will find on this website or by contacting us for further advice.

Get Funding 

We have access to a very special type of funding, this Funding is not a loan, it is a grant based on your project proposal and how it encourages the adoption of our blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

This grant funding can also be made available to existing businesses that wish to incorporate the blockchain and cryptocurrency in their business.

We can advise you on preparing your proposal and guide you through the application process to give you the best opportunity to gain funding for your proposal.

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